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Upgrade 6.16 > 6.20: OXtender Mobility & "Abwesenheitsnotiz"

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  • Upgrade 6.16 > 6.20: OXtender Mobility & "Abwesenheitsnotiz"


    after updating an OX6 SE from 6.16 to 6.20 the OXtender for Business mobility is not working. I've changed the configuration for proxy_ajp.conf and the virtual hosts as described in the Wiki.

    Web-Frontend, OXtender for Outlook ... are working fine. Only our mobile devices stopped working.

    When calling "http://OUR_IP/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" with 6.20 I just get this response: "No servlet bound to path/alias: /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync".

    With 6.16 I got a message stating something like "not for viewing". I think I've missed some configuration. Any idea?

    The second thing is the mail notification timeframe setting. Customer saw it in the announcement and they WANT to have it.

    As I know now, this feature depends on the used IMAP-Server. And I guess Cyrus does not support the date RFC's. But it's a lot of guessing and I can't find any documentation on it. I even asked support yesterday, but got no reply up to now. So any documentation what I can do to enable this feature?

    regards, Eike

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    Hi Eike,

    the notification timeframe feature is available for all IMAP Servers supporting the "date" extension for SIEVE. IIRC Cyrus does not support that extension by default, Dovecot supports this. You can check it by looking at the announced capabilitites of managesieve:
    [mbraun@mbraun ~]$ telnet 2000
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    "IMPLEMENTATION" "dovecot"
    "SIEVE" "comparator-i;octet comparator-i;ascii-casemap fileinto reject envelope encoded-character \
     vacation subaddress comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational regex imap4flags copy include variables \
     body enotify environment mailbox date spamtest spamtestplus virustest"
    "SASL" ""
    "NOTIFY" "mailto"
    "VERSION" "1.0"
    The ActiveSync servlet configuration purely depends on Apache. Perhaps the servlet is not available for that IP if you're using a name based virtual host system? If /ajax is working, /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync must work as well when being set-up exactly the same. When accessing it by a browser, the URL will return "405 Method Not Allowed" which indicates correct behavior.

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      Hi Martin,

      > Cyrus / dovecot: As I guessed Any disadvantages when using dovecot?
      > ActiveSync: I was just stupid. The upgrade removed the software ... reinstalled. Ready.

      Regards, Eike


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        Well, you may have to migrate your mailboxes, but all in all Dovecot is a very decent IMAP Server and gets more and more popular even for big E-Mail providers. OX works flawlessly with it.



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          so, as i understand, there is no way to use this new feature with cyrus? I looked for some information but could not find anything usable to setup this feature in our current config. Do you have something of interest for me? (IMPLEMENTATION cyrus timesieved v2.2.13-Debian-2.2.13ubuntu3).

          In general, i dont want to use devcot, just for that one feature.



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            No, cyrus does not have that feature. Not in the damn old outdated 2.2 version as shipped on Debian* nor in the recent 2.4 version.