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shared folder to iPhone feature (experimental)

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  • shared folder to iPhone feature (experimental)


    Last weekend we updated to current version

    GUI Version: 6.20.0 Rev8
    Server Version: 6.20.0-Rev8

    Everything went well. We also activated experimental sync of shared folders to iphone. Following questions about this:

    How can we disable sync (or in general access) for a specific shared folder for e.g. one user? We tried to disable all rights for this user, but nothing happens - this user even can see the folder in web gui?

    best regards

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    only folders and content where the user as "see" or "read" permissions are synchronized. There is no difference if the folder is visible at the GUI or at the device. It might be that folders that are not longer visible to the user still exist at the device - but their content does not get updated.



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      hi martin,

      thanks for info. The problem is, that user is in group "Alle Benutzer" and via this group it has the right to see and read this folder in web-gui - same on iphone.

      Then we added following entry:

      user1: admin-nein, keine, keine, keine, keine

      But it seems that, if this user already exists in a group with access (Alle Benutzer), this has a higher priority for rights management?



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        Yes, for each user, the most advantageous permission is used. More favorable permissions override more restrictive permissions.


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          but would't it be a good idea to give explicit "user rights", in my example a complete exclusion, a higer priority instead of a group membership?


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            Our permission concept is based on typical IMAP permissions to keep consistent permission levels between mail and PIM folders and also with 3rd party clients like Outlook. Of course, there are several possible concepts all with pro and con's but at a point we decided to go with the current one. IMHO: If you don't want somebody else to see something: Don't share it. These permissions are only technical restrictions, no organizational ones.
            However, we're planning to redo some permission related things to make it more easy and understandable to the end-user. Right now the implementation is quite complex to the user which may lead to confusion.
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              you are right. That's what we have done right now.

              And, it works like a charm, at least together with iphones. Means, disabled access rights and the shared contacts folder was correctly removed from all our iphones, works also with shared calendars. A OX6 and phone OS combination that works like expected!