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Open-Xchange Iphone Mobile Gui for Contacts , Mail , Appointments

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  • Open-Xchange Iphone Mobile Gui for Contacts , Mail , Appointments

    Hi all,

    i wrote a simple JSP/GUI for accessing (read only) the most important data i need on the road, like contact phone numbers, contact address for my navigation system and mail addresses. The GUI can jump directly into the Iphones native applications :

    - If you click the ox contacts phone number, iphone dials this number.
    - If you click on "Karte"(map) , iphones opens the native google maps application
    - If you click on ox mail address, iphone opens native mail application.

    Also basic support for reading some mails is in the gui and lokking up your next appointments for the next 7 days. If you wanna test it with your iphone, google android emulator or something else like a nokia communicator surf to:

    Username(if not already entered via url):
    Password is: secret

    So , OX would be a good backend for mobile PIM applications, isnt it? +

    Any comments are welcome....

    Manuel Kraft

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    Works nice, also on N95 - except the map feature opens a browser session to googlemaps instead of using the integrated map tool.

    Great stuff!


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      got a reply from a friend that it works also NOKIA n80 very good.


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        That's great! It also works on my WinMobile. Click here.


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          iphone to open-xchange mobile gui source code available

          Iphone GUI with Source is now available in the Open-xchange Wiki via:

          Feel free to edit the text or README!

          Happy testing