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Dealing with Browsers New Pop Up Window

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  • Dealing with Browsers New Pop Up Window

    the issue that apparently is happening is that when this customer tries to compose, reply, or forward an email, the pop up window that usually comes up for those tasks is blocked. This seems to be part of a network security policy that blocks different kinds of traffic and browser behavior (US Health Industry Policies in some Hospitals) .

    Is there an option to have the OX interface compose messages in the same window rather than in a new window?

    Of course, other issues will come up with the calendar, contacts, and info store as they all use new windows when adding or modifying content.


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    there is no option to open those windows as tabs or something else, we track this as an enhancement since some time now, but did not yet implemented it. Those Popups are not blocked by the browsers native popup blockers since they are triggered by the user directly, not by any automatism. What browser are your users using? Maybe the filtering rules are not correct?



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      Browser seems to be IE7.
      We were able to confirm that the browser was blocking the new window. We were also able to create an exception for this for the user. I'm hoping the group policy on her network won't over-write this at some point.

      Where do you guys keep the list of pending enhancements? Just curious to see what's down the pike


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        Okay, it's possible that the browsers default configuration is much more strict than on usual installations. IE7 or IE8 do not block those popups by default.
        You can find our Roadmap here:
        Pending enhancements are available at Bugzilla ( or through an internal release and process planing tool. This tool is not public since is a commercial application without the possibility to create "read only" guest accounts.