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Appointments can be modified by all participants without any restriction...

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  • Appointments can be modified by all participants without any restriction...

    With any version of OXSE (from 6.8 to 6.12), each participant can freely modify appointments (for which they are invited, of course!) without any kind of restriction.
    For example:
    1. user A creates an appointment in his own private calendar and invites user B and user C
    2. user B accepts the appointment
    3. user B can modify the accepted appointment and do the following actions:
    3a. modify appointment description (title, etc...) and location
    3b. add another participant
    3c. remove user A from it's own appointment!
    3d. remove user C!

    As far as I know, user A cannot limit the actions that user B and C can do on his appointment.

    Could appointments permission be improved in next OX versions?
    For example, disallowing certain operations from user B (eg: user A should not be removed from it's own appointment) or requiring some confirmation from user A when user B modifies the appointment.

    There are some other improvements that could be investigated in next versions. For example:
    - optional participant: a contact is not required to participate to an appointment (currently you can only assign a contact to participant or resource list)
    - delegate to appointment: a participant can currently accept/decline/tentative an appointment. With a delegate feature, the participant invites another contact and declines the appointment (because, for example, he cannot participate)
    - confirm appointment relocation: a participant can currently move an accepted appointment. This operation requires no confirmation (neither by the owner nor by other participants) while, for example, the deletion of an appointment displays an alert

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    yes this is the intended behavior, if you'd like to have it changed please open an enhancement but at bugzilla or contact your support representative at ox.