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    Default appointment notification

    Hello all,
    one user encounters the following issue:
    When the user creates a simple appointment for himself without any participant with outlook 2016 in his private calendar, he gets a notifications (bell) in ox webinterface to confirm the appointment. If he doesn't confirm the appointment in the ox webinterface, the appointment has the status unconfirmed (grey) and will not synchroniced to any EAS Client.
    For all other users, the appointment is confirmed with no further action in ox webinterface. means, with no notification to confirm the appointment in the ox webinterface, after creating it in outlook 2013/2016.

    Is there any option in Open-Xchange to change this behavior or is it an Outlook issue.
    Thanks for any hint!


    UI version: 7.8.0 Rev22
    Server version: 7.8.0-Rev29

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