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    Apr 2011

    Default ERROR: Database connection object has not been returned to the pool.


    Ich sehe nach dem Update von OX6 auf die neuste Version nun öfters folgenden Fehler in der Log:

    AM com.openexchange.pooling.ReentrantLockPool.run(Ree ntrantLockPool.java:576)
    ERROR: Database connection object has not been returned to the pool. Check further messages to make sure the object was terminated. UseTime: 61497 Object: com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4Connection@4c37c19b

    Dabei funktioniert aber alles, zumindest habe ich noch nichts entdeckt was nicht funktionieren würde.

    Weiß jemand was diese Fehlermeldungen sollen und wie man die beseitigt?

    Gruß, Viktor

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    Jul 2016


    We just upgraded to 7.8.1-Rev14 and we are getting the same error in the logs (with a UseTime > 300000 as per default).

    MySQL complains with "Aborted connection ... (Got an error reading communication packets)", both on master and on slave instance.

    We had no occurrence with the previous OX version. So, +1 on Viktor's question.

    What is going on?
    Greets, Paolo

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    Jul 2016


    Hello Viktor.
    I traced all DB connections through an extensive tcpdump and came to the conclusion that this message is related to an empty object_permission table (feature introduced in 7.8.(0|1) ). When such a query receives an empty reply it looks like OX does not release the connection to the pool, which is then terminated because of inactivity after the preset time (300s in our case, 60s in your setup).

    I opened a support request yesterday.



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