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    Default Loading all mails in a folder


    from time to time my colleagues have the following problem:

    They have thousands of emails in e.g. their trash or sent folder. When the mailbox
    is getting full, they need to delete older mails.
    But because of the loading mechanisms of OX AppSuite only 200 mails are loaded at once.
    If my colleagues want to delete the oldest 1000 or even more mails, they need to
    scroll down really often to reach and select these mails and this takes a lot of time.

    Is there a keyboard shortcut or another trick, which allows loading all emails within a folder
    at once? In OX6 this was the default behaviour and my colleagues worked with that before,
    they see this feature as a strong plus for the old software.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    How about reversing the sort order, so that the oldest mails appear on top?

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    Apr 2010


    Thanks for your reply.

    This is what we have tried. The problem is, that also with the reversed sort order
    there are only 200 emails loaded at one. When our users need to delete a lot of mails
    (more than 1000) at once, this takes some time.

    It would be great to have a shortcut or a button or something similar, that loads all
    emails of the current folder. This way the user can load all mails, mark all unneeded ones
    and delete them in a single step.

    I don't know how the app suite performs with thousands of mails in memory but
    in my opinion it will at least not be a problem if the loading of all mails takes some time,
    because the user afterwards does not have to repeat the delete action over and over again.
    I think to ours users it is most annoying that they have to load a bunch of mails, delete them,
    load the next bunch, delete again, load, delete, and so on.

    If the app suite gets performance issues with several thousands of emails, it would already be an
    improvement if the user could load at least 1000 or 2000 emails at once for this action.

    Maybe others will find this also helpful and maybe a feature like this will find it's way
    into the app suite at some time


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