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    Default Can not sort search result in mail folder

    2 questions how to sort mail search results:
    - how can I use "sort by" option in search results?
    - how can I display recipients in "sent" folder search results?

    What we tested was search in mail folders (search in a single mail folder! )

    Some users mentioned: results can't be sorted! Not by date, not by subject, from, to or sender: There's NO sort option available!

    It must be a hidden feature, I thought. But no: OX AppSuite users can not sort search results

    I tested on several versions 7.8.1, 7.8.2 AND gold.ox.io 7.8.2 how to sort search results, e.g. in mail folder "inbox" or "sent items" First: search works fine. I have 300 items in my search result. I need a quick overview of all recipients. But how? Any help is welcome. Would be nice to get a reply, even if it's a confirmation that this is the "normal" behavior on other AppS servers...


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    same here ... especially the problem/error "how can i display recepients in sent folder" is very annoying. This error starts around version 7.8.1 - before the recipient was displayed.

    Please fix this in one of the next releases.
    Thank you

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    Got the same issue: display recipients when searching the sent folder. I contacted support, since we're a paying customer. Here's the answer:

    RnD [...] said that this is correct behaviour and not a Bug.

    As a design decision we do not distinguish between mails from "sent objects" and other folders during search. This would be confusing for users especially when a search result contains mails from "sent objects" and other folders.
    I doubt they will change their mind. I also doubt anyone from OX actually reads the forum!

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    There are people reading the forum. Most likely none of us can help with product decisions though.

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