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    sedeke Guest

    Default little change in OpenSuse10.3 installer 64

    Hi. Perhaps I found a small error in OpenSuse10.3 Installer.
    When configure nss-mysql I get an error on OpenSuse 10.3 64.
    /usr/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a not found. Yes I have only the 64bit version in /usr/lib64/mysql/libmysqlclient.a. So I change the script follow:

    echo "Compiling source dependencies (nss-mysql)..."
    tar -C /usr/src -xf /tmp/hyperion-install/src/nss-mysql.tar
    cd /usr/src/nss-mysql-1.0
    if [ ! -e /usr/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a ]; then
      echo "libmysqlclient.a 32bit has not been installed. Checking for 64bit."
      if [ ! -e /usr/lib64/mysql/libmysqlclient.a ]; then
         echo "libmysqlclient.a has not been installed. Aborting installation."
         echo ""
         exit 0
         echo "libmysqlclient.a 64bit found."
         export NSS_MYSQL_LIB="--with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib64/mysql/"
    ./configure $NSS_MYSQL_LIB
    make install
    Maybe you find it usefull.

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    Gertjan Guest


    I know, but I fixed that already.
    But I still don't have access to my webspace, so I am not able to upload the new files.

    But thanks anyway.

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    sedeke Guest


    May the is a second problem. In the install script is following defined:
    REPOSITORY=("-r bf_6_4 open-xchange"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-imap"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-mail"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-mailfilter"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-context_light"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-ca_mgmt_simple"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-osconfig"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-services"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-sw-update"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-backup"
    	    "-r bf_6_4 open-xchange-gui"
    when the download start from cvs I get following error:
    + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin ... done.
     + open-xchange-admin-console-ee ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-imap ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-mail ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-mailfilter ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-context_light ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-ca_mgmt_simple ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-osconfig ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-services ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-sw-update ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-admin-plugin-backup ... done.
     + -r bf_6_4 open-xchange-gui ... done.
     + open-xchange-admin-gui-ee ... done.
     + open-xchange-admin-gui-ee-ajax ... done.
     + open-xchange-admin-gui-ee-templates ... done.
     + ...cvs [checkout aborted]: must specify at least one module or directory
     + ...cvs [checkout aborted]: must specify at least one module or directory
     + ...cvs [checkout aborted]: must specify at least one module or directory
    the last three lines. Have no idea why they come out.
    Last edited by sedeke; 01-18-2008 at 08:38 PM.

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    Gertjan Guest


    I've seen that as well and to be honest: I don't know what that means. It all seems to work afterwards, so I didn't care about it.

    (I read your PM, I have to leave now, I will reply to you tomorrow, but can you already give me your email address?)

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    sedeke Guest


    well i found the error.
    The problem is in the array count. I'm not so familiar with arrays in bash so it take a bit.
    The script containt following line:
    so the REPOSITORY contains 13 elements but give 16 out so it has to be redused by -3.
    You added the admin scripts. 3 elements more. The total count of elements was 16 but your count give 22 out. 6 to much.
    The correct code and line has to been follow:

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    Gertjan Guest


    Cool, that's solved too.
    I add this to the installer, but I'm running into a new compile error now. I try to fix it right now, then I will send you the latest installer in about one hour.
    Last edited by Gertjan; 01-19-2008 at 01:49 PM.

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    sedeke Guest


    Hi I change your Installer a little bit more. Now the installer have colored output.
    You can download it here http://www.druckereiclassen.de/ox-hy...pensuse_103.sh

    I also add some cheks so if the compilation or ./configure or compilation with ant fail, the script stop. Think it's necessary, else the script goes on and make things we don't like.

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    Gertjan Guest


    Yes, you are right on that, thanks. But please stop editing the old installer, I'm afraid that's a waste of time.

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    Gertjan Guest


    Did you receive my email?

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    sedeke Guest


    not yet. But I'm in trouble here. Can you send again?


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