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    Default Vagrant Virtual OX App Suite Appliance for dummies: Hostname & Upper-Case Userids

    I've been trying out Malte Timmermanns excellent Vagrant Virtual Appliance...
    OX App Suite Server Installation for Dummies

    1) I tried changing the Servername using config.vm.hostname = "newname" in the VagrantFile.
    This did not cause any error messages during installation & the Server starts & login is possible,
    but no Email communication is possible between for example david & eva.
    I presume the Dovecot in the preconfiguered Vagrant Box is hardwared to appsuite-dev-vm.

    Is there any way to (simply) change this?

    2) Upper-Case Userids seem to cause problems.
    I created the user ZZZZ using the createoxuser script supplied in the Appliance.
    (this just issues a /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser... & a useradd/chpasswd to create the Dovecot user)
    Login as ZZZZ is possible but the following Error Dialogue is displayed:
    There was an issue while authenticating.
    This may be due to a recent password change.
    To continue please log out and log back in with your most current password."

    Is this a general issue with Open-Xchange or specific to this simple Appliance?

    All the best,

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    Probably just in this appliance.
    The OX username is by default case sensitive. For Dovecot it is case insensitive I guess. So they do not match by default.

    You probably want to set
    AUTO_TO_LOWERCASE_UID=true before provisioning.


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