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    snowpix Guest

    Default problem to connect with an another computer

    I'm a novice on Linux and especially on OpenSUse10.2.
    I fixed up open xchange with the installer, (everything is ok).
    You know actually as open xchange runs on my test machine with the server localhost. I tested with an another computer if i can access to open xchange, i write the IP's adress of my test machine. And finally i can't access. Why ? Which port runs open xchange ? Somebody can explain me !

    Thanx for you help ! Sorry for english !
    Best regards
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    snowpix Guest


    nobody can't help me please !

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    Feb 2007


    Open-Xchange uses Port 8009 -internally- to communicate to the apache webserver. From the Outside you always access the server using port 80 or 443 via apache.


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