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    Default Hide certain accounts from ActiveSync clients


    I'm using OX hosted by HostEurope and have 4 additional IMAP accounts added in the configuration of my account. In the web client everything is fine and as it should be, using ActiveSync however I'd like to be able to exclude certain IMAP accounts from being part of the ActiveSync process. None of these accounts is configured for the unified inbox, and I haven't found any other way to disable the integration of certain accounts into the ActiveSync folder tree, nor can I exclude certain folders from sync in my client.

    If this is not possible, would it at least be possible to group each of these additional accounts into one folder? Currently default folders like "inbox" or "sent" show up multiple times in the "root" of the ActiveSync tree and the tree in general is pretty messed up (IMO).


    edit: feel free to reply in German - didn't know which language is preferred here, so I decided for English
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