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    oprocopio Guest

    Default User permissions on specific folders

    Hi there,

    I have a question:

    If I want share a my calendar for example, I can only give permissions to a group, but not to a specific user.
    I have only "All users" and "All groups..."

    Is this function still not implemented?



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    Ben Pahne Guest


    You don't see any user in the "Add Rights Box"?

    Check my attachment on this comment.
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    oprocopio Guest


    no users...
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    oprocopio Guest


    Any solution for my problem???

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    Suphi Basdemir Guest


    Thats right. Maybe you don't have any users in your context. You can check this, when you open the "Public folder" and have a look in your global addressbook.

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    oprocopio Guest


    In my global addressbook I have the users.

    I can also login with all users and I can also assign permissions to the All User group, but not to specific users.

    are there some updates in the DB structure??
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    Marky_bln Guest

    Default same problem

    I had same problem. I donīt see any user in dialog. there is only all users and all users and groups, but i see all other users in global adressbook.

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    Ben Pahne Guest


    OK, bad news for you all. It is a bug in the create user script. But there is a way to fix this for the existing user. You need some basic SQL skills for this.

    Open mysql and connect to the ox db:
    & mysql
    mysql> use open-xchange-db
    mysql> update prg_contacts set intfield02 = null, intfield03 = null, intfield04 = null, intfield05 = null, intfield06 = null, intfield07 = null, intfield08 = null where fid = 6;
    This works only for the existing user. If you add more user, you need to do this again.

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    oprocopio Guest


    great....now everything is fine....


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