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    Default Upgrade 7.10. --> Connect failure on external IMAP server

    Hello together,
    first of all please excuse my bad english.

    I've recently updated my Open-Xchange installation from 7.8.4. to 7.10. on Debian Jessie.
    Also it is just a very little server with max. 10 private Users.

    So here is my problem:

    1 Account doesn't work right after this Upgrade.
    The main mail account behind this User is an address from "web.de".

    Die Verbindung zum Mailserver ist fehlgeschlagen. Mögliche Gründe: Der Mailserver ist (vorübergehend) ausgefallen oder es gibt Probleme mit der Netzwerkverbindung. Bitte versuchen Sie es in ein paar Minuten erneut.
    If i want to add this address to my account --> same error
    If i create a new address @web.de --> no problem
    If i test this address in Shell with IMAP Commands --> no problem

    And it is since the upgrade.

    Does anyone have an idea for that problem?

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