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    H2OX Guest

    Post Question on the code ?

    I've a question on the code, I don't understand this part.
    	function() { 
    	function() {
    what do this function aside to store the modification style on an object in a Array ?
    I saw that you use many times this function on your porgram but as this function returns a object but this object is not stored, what is his role ?

    Thx !

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    Just as the name implies, the function registerView registers a new view for the content area of the GUI. The function changeView can then be used to switch to this view. The first four parameters to registerView are callback functions which are called to display, initialize, de-initialize and hide the view, respectively. An optional fifth argument is a callback function which is called when changing between nested views (e. g. if there is a view "calendar" and you change between "calendar/month" and "calendar/week").


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