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    Default Mail Functions Missing

    I just installed

    UI version: 7.10.1 Rev4
    Server version: 7.10.1-Rev3

    On Mint Mate 19.1 and after quite a while I managed to get everything installed and running. Tasks and Calendar and Address Book and Cloud work fine, but I have NO email features at all. There is just nothing about email on the front end, not a menu item, not an icon, nothing. It doesn't even give me the option of setting up email accounts.

    Did I forget a step or not install a package? I would send more information but I don't even know what files you would need to see to diagnose this.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried different users?
    The typical mistake is to use the context admin for testing without allowing mail for that user via mail.properties:

    # Define whether a context admin is allowed to login to mail system or not.
    # Note that a mail account is supposed to exist if set to true; if not an
    # authentication error will occur.

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    Thank you for your response. I ended up installing a vagrant virtual machine because I simply couldn't figure it out.


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