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    sedeke Guest

    Default Error in "Configuration/Extras"

    Hi to all here.
    So after it was necessary to install my server new with Utuntu 6.06.2 LTS (before it was Suse10.3), cause Suse has problems with Adaptec AIC79xx and hardware RAID bigger than 2TB.
    Now it works fine. Seem so. AND UBUNTU IS REALY VERY ROBUST SYSTEM!

    I install ox with the installer. After user login, when I choose "Configuration -> Extras" I get following screen. See attached file.

    Any idea whats wrong??
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    arpcefxl Guest


    I think this is a known issue with the Community Edition. Mine does it too.

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    sedeke Guest


    But that mean that in the Community Edition the users have no possibility to change there password.
    Not fine.


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