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    sedeke Guest

    Default Bug, feature or what?? Usage of OX.

    After installation I have still some questions and can't find any documentation about this.
    In the settings I see
    1. the INBOX
    but I can't create any folder there,
    even give access to the folder to some one else.
    2. the "Other Users"
    but no way to see/change/add/remove there something
    3. the "Shared Folders"
    but no way to see/change/add/remove there something

    The section "Shared folders" (Freigegebene Ordner) can't be used.
    No way to add folders or change permissions.

    So what now? When I read the forum there are several questions but

    It really doesn't exist a docu here????

    Also I forgot to ask. In the admin interface there are Administration->Management->Ressourcen-Einstellungen
    where I can generate several resources with mail. But for what? where can I use them?
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