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    crash-x Guest

    Default OX with Axigen Mailsetup (courier imapd)


    I'm trying to setup OX with the Axigen mailserver setup that uses courier imapd, but I cannot find almost any information about that. As far as I understand I have to setup the user accounts and set them up to use the courier imapd.
    But what has to be setup? The courier imapd runs on the same server so do I have to setup the imapserver parameter? And how do I tell it what username and password should be used to login to the imapd?

    Do I have to change anything in the configuration of OX besides setting up the user the correct way?

    And if I am on a completly wrong path, could someone tell me please where to look?

    Thanks a lot, crashx!

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    crash-x Guest


    ok guys I found the solution here on the forum

    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser -A oxadmin -P ADMINPASS -c 1 -u blauser -d "bla Bla" -g Blupp -s Blaaah -p PASS_SAME_AS_IMAP -e bla@blabla.com --imaplogin IMAP_LOGIN_NAME --dbonly

    and in /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/imap.properties

    hope that helps someone in the future.


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