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    roed Guest

    Default OX Reverse Proxy

    I'm attempting to install OX behind our domain's reverse proxy. I have the proxy configured to forward any requests for /ox /ajax /servlet to the ox server. The install works fine if I access the ox server directly, but as soon as it attempts to access it through the proxy I can get the login page fine and it looks like it's logging in, but then gives me an error saying that my session has expired. When I look in the log files there's an error saying wrong client ip address. The proxy is pretty good about not changing the requests, but simply passing them on to the backends so much so that the requests appear to be headed for mydomain.com/ox instead of ox1.mydomain.com I think this might have something to with why but the only instance of ox1 I could find in the config files was in ajp.properties which I changed to the proper value and restarted groupware with no luck.

    Any Ideas?

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    roed Guest


    Well it wasn't a problem with the reverse proxy. It was the load balancer that sat ahead of the proxies. When firefox opened multiple connections our LVS box sent the connections to different proxies. OX doesn't seem to like the same session being opened from different ips. So a quick config setting to LVS and it's all happy and after having to turn on the PUT method support in the proxy it all works.


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