Hello everybody,

i'm out of ideas - now... After a new installation of OX 0.8.8 on a Debian Etch Box (OX 0.8.0 was installed before) i'm not able to login at all. LDAP connection should be ok because i get the message "Authentication failed" when logging in with an incorrect password. With the correct password i get HTTP 500 from my Apache. In the sessiond.log i see that a session ID is created but then it stops....

==> /var/log/apache2/ox_access.log <== - - [21/Mar/2008:17:56:16 +0100] "GET /servlet/intranet?SITE=beforeAuth&sessionID=908ea96e332fc1bc43e242da4c94bd09 HTTP/1.1" 500 651 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv: Gecko/20080201 Firefox/"

==> /opt/open-xchange/var/log/sessiond.log <==
Mrz 21 17:56:16 localhost openexchange: addSession <908ea96e332fc1bc43e242da4c94bd09>
Mrz 21 17:56:16 localhost openexchange: setCookie <908ea96e332fc1bc43e242da4c94bd09> <a315a4151c9d943b89eada7cc95728b1>

In the ldap log i see a few errors (11 - resource unavailable) but also several successful bind with the uid i entered. So this might be ok.
catalina.log and mod_jk.log are empty so to me it appears that there's a problem with the servlet webapp. But when i connect to http://myserver:8080/ i see the /servlet app and everything seems ok as well. I re-deployed the webapps several times now so i'm asking if anybody here mybe can help me out or has any spontaneous ideas...

Thanks in advance