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    YannM Guest

    Default OXHE Mobil Connector

    I'm testing OXHE on a debian etch, everything is ok but now I want to test mobil connector solution for this version. I find solution for SyncML with OX server 5 (Oxtender) but nothing for this version.
    During my search I find Funambol which is a mobility solution for OXHE and I want to know if someone was already testing this software with OXHE.

    thks for your response.


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    Stephan Martin Guest


    With the Funambol connector you are on the right way. There is no own SyncML server included in OX HE.
    You will find some information about the Funambol connector in our Wiki:
    AFAIK there is a new version of the Funambol connector released, so the documentation may not fit 100%.
    Maybe you could update the Wiki page if something changed since then.

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    YannM Guest


    thanks you for your response, I will test funambol and make a feedback.

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    Feb 2007


    there exits a doc for the new connector:



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