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    Trent73 Guest

    Default How to - OX with external Mail Server


    Im having some difficulty setting up OX to work with an external mail server.

    Does anyone have detailed notes they can share on how to get OX setup with external mail servers?



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    Feb 2007


    Hi Trent,

    that's quite easy, just use the --imapserver, --smtpserver and --dbonly flags when creating users. This allows you to use different E-mail servers than the local one. Also note that the --imaplogin option needs to be equal to the remote imap server's credentials of the user and the password must be the same like specified with --password.


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    Trent73 Guest

    Default thanks

    Hi Martin,

    Its funny I came to the forums so not to annoy you in IRC and yet here you are again...you are an OX support machine!!!!

    I will give it a go today... I am very excited about this product but Im new to mail server technology so i appreciated your support (and time).

    I think i have at least 20 customers that would be interested in this product with the extender but i have to get it working on the test server first.

    My desired setup is as follows I would like OX to send and recieve emails from a remote pop3 server then store them locally in the OX users mailboxes. Address book, calendaring and other groupware functions done locally via OX (as normal).

    cheers again!

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    Trent73 Guest

    Default Fetchmail Working

    I finally got fetchmail to recieve and then transfer messages to OX local users, here is my fetchmail config file (running in daemon mode)
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    #This file must be set to permissions 0600 and owner fetchmail

    set syslog;
    set daemon 90;
    set postmaster "root@guardian.local";

    poll "mail.tpg.com.au" #my external pop3 mail server
    with proto pop3 user "fred" password "itsmysecret"
    smtpname "fred.smith@my-oxdomain" keep #this is the local ox account

    #duplicate as required

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Finally restart fetchmail daemon:

    $sudo /etc/init.d/fetchmail restart

    I know have an internal office mail server that can send emails from OX and polls (retrieves) emails from our external pop3 server.

    hope this helps other newbies


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