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    philippe_veys Guest

    Default OX HE Backup/Restore mechanism


    Could you provide some informations about the backup and restore mechanism of the mysql database ?

    I mean for a specific context, eg is there a simple way to save all the pim informations of userA which belong to companyA and store in the context companyA ? Or do we have to backup the context companyA and restore it completely ?



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    Stephan Martin Guest


    Hi Philippe,

    as of now, it is not possible yet to do a user based backup and restore. This is due to the fact, that users can have objects whih belong to several people, like group appointments etc...

    With regards to one context: you can configure ox in a way, that every context will be placed in one MySQL database schema. Then you can backup and restore each db schema separately.

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    philippe_veys Guest


    Thanx Stephan for the information.


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