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    VanillaThunder Guest

    Default Accept Mail to @localhost domain alias?

    Reposted because I just realized it was in the wrong place:


    Here's a quick question:

    I'm using fetchmail to temporarily sync mail during a migration to OpenXchange. Unfortunately, on the old server, they were using @localhost to send mail to each other locally.

    When I set up fetchmail, it's trying to send receipts and such back to @localhost and it's giving them bouncebacks for it. When I try to add @localhost as a domain in OX, it's not allowing me to.

    Is there an alias file I can edit to force localhost as a valid domain at least temporarily?

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    mani Guest


    Did you try to add localhost to mydestination in file /etc/postfix/main.cf?

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    VanillaThunder Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by mani View Post
    Did you try to add localhost to mydestination in file /etc/postfix/main.cf?

    I need to add it as an alias to each individual account. It won't allow me to do so.

    What I need is the SQL statement to insert it into the database.

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    Feb 2007


    Use imapsync for mailbox migration...


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    VanillaThunder Guest


    Just did that a few days ago, worked like a champ.



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