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    cliffo Guest

    Default New to Open-Xchange. Some dummy questions

    I am interested in installing Open-Xchange. I noticed that the community edition doesn't include the following:
    Automated Update Module
    Performance Updates
    Any Updates list in the table below
    Core Code Updates
    Operating System Updates
    Antivirus/Anti-Spam Updates
    Additional Documentation

    What is everyone doing to get updates to the spam/virus and os?

    I know I could put a gateway device in (untangle) that could do my spam and virus filtering for me, but I am interested in keeping it self sufficient. For my first project it is just going to be for 2 - 3 people to use.

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    Feb 2007



    most of those advantages describe a more convenient way to manage the server, it does not mean that the technical capabilities are not available at the Community Edition. To enable spam/antivirus for Mailboxes, just use the common way of filtering/scanning like spamasssassin or clamav. OX is no conglomerate but a piece of software that fits into other components.

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    Gertjan Guest


    The OpenSUSE installer uses the freshclam deamon to update the virus definitions.


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