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    8f27e956 Guest

    Default relayhost with authentication

    I've done the search of these forums and I see some related material, but I'm going to ask the question anew with a twist.

    My ISP is rogers.com. The dns string for relaying is


    They require authentication. It's in the form userid@rogers.com and its password.

    There is a format, which I cannot remember ... something like

    me@rogers.com: password%smtp.broadband.rogers.com:587

    I've tried the variations of the above without success.

    Question 1: Does anyone know the correct syntax format for the above?

    Question 2: Can the correct syntax format be put in the RELAYHOST field and have it work?


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    Dorowan Guest


    I am not an expert but for me it seems that you should take a look at the postfix documentation: http://postfix.state-of-mind.de/patr...ilservers.html


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