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Thread: Monitoring

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    modtheimpossible Guest

    Default Monitoring

    If I go into the webadmin interface, some of the monitoring graphs are not showing correctly. I get red x's instead. Specifically, web server/access, web server/volume, file system/usage (in bytes), and mail server/message throughput. All other graphs work. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.

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    Gertjan Guest


    Can you see the graphs directly via the munin/apache interface?

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    ghosttalker Guest

    Default same problem


    I habe the same problems with munin graphics and opensuse 10.3.

    Munin is definitly wrong configurated for open-xchange. But after manual configurating munin to dir /var/cache/munin, where the grafics shoud be, the problem is not fixed. There are no grahics in ox admin interface. The grafics are corectly at the configuration dir.

    Any ideas?

    Greez GhostTalker

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    Gertjan Guest


    Nope, your problem is exactly the problem I tried te describe. I thought it had something to do with the names of the images, but I tried many combinations and nothing worked. Therefore I gave up. As far as I know, it does work in Debian/Ubuntu. If somebody running Debian or Ubuntu can give me a detailed description of the names and locations of the images, the FQDN used for his/her server and the munin config, maybe I can create a workaround in the OpenSUSE installer.


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