Complete newbie here so go easy on me -
looking for some information on how to pull the global addressbook into thunderbird client.

so far i have this -

Use the global ldap server in account settings in thunderbird

In Tools - options - composition -

Select Directory Server - Edit directories
Select Add -
name - companyname
hostname -
Base DN- dc=companyname,dc=com
Port 389

Click Ok

Go back in to edit - and select tab - Offline and hit the download now

Verification suceeds.

Click ok to exit out - ok again and then make sure the drop down box has the name i created selected.

Click ok - open address book

I see the ldap book i created - but no information there.

- now i am stuck -

how do i verify that my osx server is outputting or allowing the output of the global address book?

thanks for any help