Hello there!

I finished installing Open-Xchange Express Edition yesterday. Everything works fine with the Web-UI and a Fulambol server for synchronizing with mobile devices.

For desktop usage i'd prefer a native PIM-client. In the Open-Xchange wiki i found some information, that Kontact should support Open-Xchange natively (http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...le=Old_Clients in the section "full clients").

So tried installing Kontact on my PC (version 1.2.4). In the Internet (sorry, i lost the link), i found some information that Open-Xchange is supported since version 1.2.

I was searching in Kontact and in the Open-Xchange forums/wiki, but i couldn't find anything about native Open-Xchange support of Kontact.

I tried some tutorials on how to open address books via LDAP, but Kontact just gives me a "Could not connect to host" error.

These are my questions:
- Is there native support for Open-Xchange in Kontact or do I have to use LDAP/WebCal?
- Is there any other PIM client that supports Open-Xchange on linux (something like outlook extender for linux)?

Thank's in advance!