some feedbacks about the UI of Openxchange, from our users point of views :

  • The way to create a new email is not very intuitive : when you click on new, nothing happens, and the icon is not very «self expressive». Same with Calendar/Task. As the pane is quite large, maybe something like “Write a new mail” should be clearly visible.

  • The way to access email from the left pane is not very intuitive : If you click on «E-mail», nothing happens. Maybe «E-mail» should be an alias for «Inbox»

  • On small screen (1024x768), on the right pane, there is not enough room for mails, and too much for the menu.

  • Some users complains about the time it takes to connect. Maybe a little bit too long if you just want to check if you have new email.. But maybe it's not possible to speed up the process.

  • When they modify a task, or a calendar event, they easily forget the “save” button. Maybe this button should be on the bottom right, like on most software.

The fact is that the Open-xchange have a great UI :-) But maybe some feedback will help you improve it.

That's it. Sorry for my bad english !