I configured OXCE, so it access an external IMAP server.

On my test enviorment, this works - more or less ;-)

On the production enviorment, I get the following error while trying to open the mail-folder:

Error code: There was an issue in authenticating your E-Mail password. This may be because of a recent password change. To continue please logout now and then log back in with your most current password. (server=mail.server.de, user=21, context=1) (MSG-0094,1810434699-203)
This happens with 3 different accounts I created - each of them uses a different server at a different provider.
2 of them are working at my test enviorment, the 3rd doesn't.

At this Thread, the same message is described.
But this user uses postfix, which I don't - and he has an error within his postfix config, if I understood this correctly.

Do I have to configure postfix, even, if I am not using it, because I connect directly to the imap-server at my provider?

BTW at my test-box, postfix is set up, because of earlier tries...