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    wzettler Guest

    Default Using "HTTP API Infostore Prefill (Example)"


    Benny Otterbach published a shell script as an example how to insert a filestore folder and an infoitem document. Many thanks for that.

    I'm using OX-HE Version: 6.5.0-6504 (GUI and Server).

    For some reason the following situation puts the folder but not the document on OX-Filestore.

    The URL: http://192.168.xxx.xx/ajax/folders?a...02,304,305,307


    [28,9,"My infostore folder","infostore"

    Giving that, "9" has been used in the shell-script (attached) as folder-id (parent)

    No output in logfiles is given after execution of the script. What is wrong with the script?

    Just don't know, for what reason the document cannot be inserted. No problem on adding documents via the webgui after folder is created with "script.sh"

    Thanks for help.



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    wzettler Guest

    Default Using "HTTP API Infostore Prefill (Example)" (Attachment)

    Sorry, attached the file "script.sh"
    Attached Files Attached Files


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