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    bluelight Guest

    Default date and time format

    Hi Everybody,

    I am running Open-Xchange Server
    GUI Version: 6.4.2-0
    Server Version: 6.4.1-0
    on Hardy 32 bit with locales British English. Unfortunately the date in OX is mm/dd/yyyy which is confusing for our location. Any idea how to change it to dd/mm/yyyy? And the time format: How to disable the AM/PM and display all in 24h format?

    Any help appreciated
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    the most current version 6.5 (beta) comes with more sophisticated localization configuration. For example, every user is able to set a predefined or a user defined date/time format. You'll might give this release a try. As it is available as rpm/deb packages you don't need to source installer for this. Just take a look at the wiki, there are installation guides for debian/rhel/sles available. The debian packages should also work for ubuntu as well as the rhel/sles packages should work for centos/opensuse. Please note that those packages do not configure as much of the operation system like the installer does, some more specific knowledge about configuration of the services like e-mail is required.

    Hope that Helps


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