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Thread: New Install

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    sliver Guest

    Default New Install

    Hey all,

    Just trying out the setup of the community edition (the full ubuntu version), and it doesn't work too well (i.e. installer is a mess).

    Does the system need internet access to install correctly?
    Once install is complete, none of the default admin passwords work...Is that normal?
    Is there a more detailed manual for install of this version?
    What is the default front end website and front end admin website (not in instructions)?


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    Feb 2007



    could it be possible that the network card does not get detected? This is one of the most
    common problems because in this case some configuration steps that need a network connection
    (not outbound, but just local) will fail. What network card do you use?


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    sliver Guest


    Actually, the computer has 2 nics, and the installer detects both of them fine. I've tried using either one during the steps for the installation, and once the installer is finished - no go.

    Sure, it boots to a login prompt and all the services say they start fine, but I can't login, and the web site (accessed by IP) is just a root with 3 folders. I go to the ox6 folder and get another login, but none of the username / password combinations work.


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