Hi there,

I'm pretty new to open-xchange and like to know the community better.

So i'd like to know which Client OS and/or fat clients do you use, and how you get along with it, Are there any tricks to get sth. to work?

My System is a Mac Pro 2x 2x 2.66 GHz Xeon, 8 GB RAM running Mac OS 10.5.4.

So far, all I got is a read-only subscription for iCal working, so I'll keep using the Web UI until I find something to sync AddressBook, iCal or maybe Entourage.

The server is running Debian etch running the community edition bf_6_4_2 which I luckily got working two days ago, thorough testing still pending. I plan on switching to 6.5 until the beta is more mature and configuration options are published, they seem to be in a state of rapid flux.

Mobile device sync via Funambol 6.5.14 runs like a charm using ox-connector 6.5.8 and a Windows Mobile PocketPC Phone.