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    nuvari Guest

    Default Transferring mail from gmail

    Has anyone got a tool or a faq to describe how one would transfer the mail from gmail to ox?

    We moved from gmail as the mailhost to ox and we'd like all of our old mail in there.

    I've played with fetchmail a bit, any advice would be great.


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    Feb 2007



    if you're familiar with the command line i suggest to use the tool imapsync. As far as i know Gmail supports IMAP and with that tool you could easily sync E-Mail from A to B. Another option would be a Fat-Client like Outlook or Thunderbird to get all mail from Gmail and upload it to the mailserver used by OX.

    Another option could be to simply use the Open-Xchange Groupware in combination with Gmail - your mails stay at Gmail but
    you're using Open-Xchange to access this mailbox. For me, the Google IMAP stuff is terrible slow, but you could be lucky...

    Last edited by Martin Heiland; 07-10-2008 at 08:53 PM.

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    nuvari Guest

    Default Thanks very much

    thanks very much, imapsync proved to be the ideal solution.

    thanks again


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