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    ghostrider002 Guest

    Default New Install Questions

    First off, very nice piece of software. After researching for a few weeks I choose OX.

    I do have a few questions, but first some background.

    OS: Ubuntu 8.04 Server Base Install - running fine

    I followed the Ubuntu Install Guide you provide to install OX via apt-get and it is running fine, it can be accessed via the browser.

    Now I am getting ready to install the mail servers, i am going to use this how-to that you provided: http://typo3.open-xchange.com/wiki/i...e_Installation

    but i noticed that this how-to is mainly for compiling the source of OX, but i should be able to use just the sections that i need to get mail up and going, right?

    If you can can you please point out what sections i need to follow to finish the install?
    Now as I stated above, OX is installed and accessible, I just dont have mail servers configured, i installed the mail servers after the OX install.

    This is what is installed as of this moment:
    sudo aptitude install apache2 sun-java5-jre mysql-server mysql-client-5.0 \
    open-xchange open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting open-xchange-charset \
    open-xchange-authentication-database open-xchange-configjump-generic \
    open-xchange-control open-xchange-i18n open-xchange-spamhandler-default \
    open-xchange-imap open-xchange-smtp open-xchange-jcharset open-xchange-gui \
    open-xchange-push-udp open-xchange-sessiond open-xchange-mailfilter \
    open-xchange-admin-soap open-xchange-axis2 open-xchange-group-managerequest \
    open-xchange-settings-extensions open-xchange-resource-managerequest

    Then I installed: Cyrus2.2, postfix, gettext, cvs, ant.

    but I have not configured cyrus or postfix yet, I noticed there is alot of other items in the how-to but I am wondering if all i need to do is to configure the mail servers?

    I have also noticed that no admin gui is installed, I have even looked in /var/www/ox6 but there in no file or directory with admin name. I guess I need a little help here to.

    Would it just be easier to uninstall everything and go with the compile how-to?

    Oh yeah, I am going to be hosting 2 sites on this same server along with OX with a context for each site and I also use ISPConfig because I have a small business, a non profit and mom has a cleaning business so that is 3 sites with 2 more sites for sisters comming soon and we all are going to use ox.

    Thanks for any help,

    EDIT --- Well I found out that the Ubuntu how-to is if you have a running web server and a running mail server and you just want to add OX to enhance your system.
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    well, you don't need to follow the mailserver guide at the cvs guide, Open-Xchange does not need any modifications at a default mail server (smtp/imap). You just have to get the mailserver up and running, create mailboxes on it and add them to the OX user configuration via the changeuser command line tool (--imapserver --imaplogin --smtpserver). Should be a piece of cake once the mailserver is running.


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    ghostrider002 Guest


    Thanks for the speedy reply. I will give it a shot.
    Just one more question: In a few days (waiting for my 2 new rackmount servers to come in, using my old ones to test and learn ox) i will be setting up my 2 new servers with ubuntu lamps setup and ISPConfig, then I am going to add OX groupware and I also want the Admin gui also. Will OX have any problems sharing the apache server with my 2 sites and a few family web sites? will it get along with ISPConfig?


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    jfenley Guest

    Default will not find server to download open-xchange

    $ sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb http://download.opensuse.org/reposit.../xUbuntu_8.04/ /

    please help

    Running xUbuntu_8.04 server new install, I have edited the file but it will not retrieve the open-xchange files.

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    ghostrider002 Guest


    I followed the Ubuntu Guide listed under tutorials and how to's on the wiki.
    below is the repository I used for Ubuntu.

    deb http://download.opensuse.org/reposit.../xUbuntu_8.04/ /

    There are a number of how to's for the most poular Linux flavors.

    Oh yeah, did you run
    apt-get update
    after adding the repo to sources.list?
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