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    digitaldoctor Guest

    Lightbulb OX.com has a wiki and a forum - OX doesn't

    I am pretty impressed with OX, with two fairly major missing pieces: a forum and a wiki.

    I think OX.com's wiki and forum are testimony that you realize these are important things ... and you need to put them in OX !


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    Feb 2007



    we are also thinking about adding those features to the software (wiki/forum/blog/cms...) but the thing is, there are really good and feature packed solutions out there. I can not imagine why to re-develop and maintain something like wordpress, vbulletin, mediawiki or drupal. If there will be any integration of this functionality it will be in terms of a plugin, for example a plugin that adds wordpress to the users groupware interface and authenticates the wordpress session when logging in to ox. However, these are cool ideas and with more plugin abilities at the UI and the server - and of course proper plugins - they could be realized.


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