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    amedina Guest

    Default New Contacts Folder Public

    Hi every one,
    how can I create a new public folder in OX that can be access trough LDAP just like the folder "Global Address"? I was trying to do this by creating a folder for contacts in the "Public Folder", but I could not found it in LDAP, I could not found the "Public Folder" either in LDAP.


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    Feb 2007


    Well, if you mean Hyperion there is no LDAP at all at the moment.

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    amedina Guest


    Hi Mr. Martin and Thanks for reply,
    I mean create a contacts forder in OX that be created in LDAP too. What I wanna do is create a contact folder for shared it with Mac OS X's users using LDAP. (I'm using OX5)
    Thanks again and Best Regards
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    Rondrian Guest


    Hi amedina

    If you just want to read the data penrose might be a solution for you. If you want to change the data it really goes tricky, because of rightsmanagement.
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