Hi all,

one of the users of our open-xchange installation is currently abroad and gets kicked out repeatedly from the web frontend, probably due to rotating proxy servers at his site. Is it possible to not bind the session to the ip address?

Another minor question: how can I get rid of this warning complaining that the domain name of my server is listed both in "mydestination" ("/etc/postfix/main.cf") and in "virtual_alias_domains" (access defined in "/etc/postfix/ox_domains.cf")?

Sep 16 10:50:58 **** postfix/trivial-rewrite[24368]: warning: do not list domain ******* in BOTH mydestination and virtual_alias_domains

I believe the domain name has to be listed in "mydestination" and ox won't let me remove the entry in "virtual_alias_domains".

Thank you very much!

Best regards