Good Day, OpenXchange

I've got a working install of OX 6. Its the community beta version which I got from

My configuration today, consist of a firewall with a round robin setup forwarding both web and mail traffic between 2 RHEL5 clustered machines running a GFS setup on an iSCSI san.

Cyrus imap is cluster aware, balancing the mx between both machines which storing the mails on GFS mail spools.

Is OpenXchange 6 cluster aware?

I was contemplating on having mysql in a master-master configuration, each configured as a hot standby. with alternating auto increments.

To do this, however, I need to have the database acknowledge the existance of both machines.

In the configdb, I find the table server, which containst the hostname of my machines. Would I have to configure the other server during this process?

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/registerserver -n FirstServer -A oxadminmaster -P admin_master_password

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/registerserver -n SecondServer -A oxadminmaster -P admin_master_password

My idea was to configure the installation once on one of the servers and have the database replicated over to the slave, which would then be turned on as a hot master.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar setup? or have a more efficient way of a High Availability setup?

Appreciate all advice provided.