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    Troels Guest

    Smile Something is rotten in the state of denmark

    Hello everybody,

    The last couple of hours I have been trying to figure out what I'm missing. here.

    First a little background information:
    Runnnig on a debian 4 install with kernel version: 2.6.18-53.el5xen
    The following packages are installed on the system.
    adduser                                         install
    apache2                                         install
    apache2-mpm-worker                              install
    apache2-utils                                   install
    apache2.2-common                                install
    apt                                             install
    apt-utils                                       install
    aptitude                                        install
    base-files                                      install
    base-passwd                                     install
    bash                                            install
    bsdmainutils                                    install
    bsdutils                                        install
    console-data                                    install
    coreutils                                       install
    cpio                                            install
    cron                                            install
    debconf                                         install
    debconf-i18n                                    install
    debian-archive-keyring                          install
    debianutils                                     install
    dhcp3-client                                    install
    dhcp3-common                                    install
    diff                                            install
    dmidecode                                       install
    dpkg                                            install
    dselect                                         install
    e2fslibs                                        install
    e2fsprogs                                       install
    ed                                              install
    findutils                                       install
    gcc-4.1-base                                    install
    gnupg                                           install
    gpgv                                            install
    grep                                            install
    groff-base                                      install
    gzip                                            install
    hostname                                        install
    ifupdown                                        install
    info                                            install
    initscripts                                     install
    iptables                                        install
    iputils-ping                                    install
    java-common                                     install
    klogd                                           install
    laptop-detect                                   install
    libacl1                                         install
    libapr1                                         install
    libaprutil1                                     install
    libattr1                                        install
    libblkid1                                       install
    libbz2-1.0                                      install
    libc6                                           install
    libcap1                                         install
    libcomerr2                                      install
    libconsole                                      install
    libdb4.2                                        install
    libdb4.3                                        install
    libdb4.4                                        install
    libdbd-mysql-perl                               install
    libdbi-perl                                     install
    libdevmapper1.02                                install
    libedit2                                        install
    libexpat1                                       install
    libgcc1                                         install
    libgcrypt11                                     install
    libgdbm3                                        install
    libgnutls13                                     install
    libgpg-error0                                   install
    libkrb53                                        install
    libldap2                                        install
    liblocale-gettext-perl                          install
    libltdl3                                        install
    liblzo1                                         install
    libmagic1                                       install
    libmysqlclient15off                             install
    libncurses5                                     install
    libncursesw5                                    install
    libnet-daemon-perl                              install
    libnewt0.52                                     install
    libopencdk8                                     install
    libpam-modules                                  install
    libpam-runtime                                  install
    libpam0g                                        install
    libpcre3                                        install
    libplrpc-perl                                   install
    libpopt0                                        install
    libpq4                                          install
    libreadline5                                    install
    libsasl2                                        install
    libsasl2-2                                      install
    libselinux1                                     install
    libsepol1                                       install
    libsigc++-2.0-0c2a                              install
    libslang2                                       install
    libsqlite3-0                                    install
    libss2                                          install
    libssl0.9.8                                     install
    libstdc++6                                      install
    libtasn1-3                                      install
    libtext-charwidth-perl                          install
    libtext-iconv-perl                              install
    libtext-wrapi18n-perl                           install
    libusb-0.1-4                                    install
    libuuid1                                        install
    libvolume-id0                                   install
    libwrap0                                        install
    locales                                         install
    login                                           install
    logrotate                                       install
    lsb-base                                        install
    makedev                                         install
    man-db                                          install
    manpages                                        install
    mawk                                            install
    mime-support                                    install
    mktemp                                          install
    module-init-tools                               install
    mount                                           install
    mysql-client-5.0                                install
    mysql-common                                    install
    mysql-server                                    install
    mysql-server-5.0                                install
    nano                                            install
    ncurses-base                                    install
    ncurses-bin                                     install
    net-tools                                       install
    netbase                                         install
    netcat                                          install
    odbcinst1debian1                                install
    open-xchange                                    install
    open-xchange-admin                              install
    open-xchange-admin-client                       install
    open-xchange-admin-doc                          install
    open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting               install
    open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-doc           install
    open-xchange-authentication-database            install
    open-xchange-cache                              install
    open-xchange-charset                            install
    open-xchange-common                             install
    open-xchange-configjump-generic                 install
    open-xchange-configread                         install
    open-xchange-control                            install
    open-xchange-data-conversion-ical4j             install
    open-xchange-global                             install
    open-xchange-group-managerequest                install
    open-xchange-gui                                install
    open-xchange-i18n                               install
    open-xchange-imap                               install
    open-xchange-jcharset                           install
    open-xchange-mailfilter                         install
    open-xchange-management                         install
    open-xchange-monitoring                         install
    open-xchange-online-help-he-de                  install
    open-xchange-online-help-he-en                  install
    open-xchange-online-help-he-fr                  install
    open-xchange-passwordchange-database            install
    open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet             install
    open-xchange-push-udp                           install
    open-xchange-resource-managerequest             install
    open-xchange-server                             install
    open-xchange-sessiond                           install
    open-xchange-settings-extensions                install
    open-xchange-smtp                               install
    open-xchange-spamhandler-default                install
    openbsd-inetd                                   install
    openssh-blacklist                               install
    openssh-client                                  install
    openssh-server                                  install
    passwd                                          install
    perl                                            install
    perl-base                                       install
    perl-modules                                    install
    procps                                          install
    psmisc                                          install
    readline-common                                 install
    screen                                          install
    sed                                             install
    ssh                                             install
    sun-java5-bin                                   install
    sun-java5-jre                                   install
    sysklogd                                        install
    sysv-rc                                         install
    sysvinit                                        install
    sysvinit-utils                                  install
    tar                                             install
    tasksel                                         install
    tasksel-data                                    install
    tcpd                                            install
    traceroute                                      install
    tzdata                                          install
    udev                                            install
    unixodbc                                        install
    update-inetd                                    install
    util-linux                                      install
    vim-common                                      install
    vim-tiny                                        install
    wget                                            install
    whiptail                                        install
    zlib1g                                          install
    The installation documentation says that you should run.

    # /opt/open-xchange/sbin/oxinstaller --servername=test4 --configdb-pass=****** --master-pass=******
    But the oxinstaller complains about missing --object-link-hostname=test4

    Ok, so I added the missing option
    # /opt/open-xchange/sbin/oxinstaller --servername=test4 --configdb-pass=****** --master-pass=******
    Oxinstaller now says:
    hostname: Unknown host
    hostname: Unknown host
    hostname: Unknown host
    hostname: Unknown host
    hostname: Unknown host
    setting up groupware configuration /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware
    ..............ox_set_property: missing propfile argument (arg 3)
    Hmm, I wonder what I'm missing here
    Last edited by Troels; 10-05-2008 at 07:26 PM.

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    Feb 2007



    could it be possible "localhost" cannot be resolved? /etc/hosts...


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    bluelight Guest

    Default Can't resolve "localhost"

    I had recently problems with the latest mysql update mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.51a, for debian-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 5.2 that it didn't resolve the "localhost" intil I flagged -h localhost. Maybe this is related to OX using mysql.

    Just a thought ....

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    Troels Guest

    Default localhost

    Thanks for the replies, i will check this tonight.


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