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    sedeke Guest

    Default Problem after changing IP

    Hi I have a problem after I have changed my IP. I got a new one from my provider so I have to change it.

    When I try to create a new user I got following error message:
    user in context 1 could not be created:
    Server response:
     Exception creating connection to:; nested exception is:
            java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable
    The new ip is All other services work fine.
    I also restart the OX services and one time the complete server.

    It's the same issue as described here.
    But the "workaround" is not useable for me.

    What can I do??

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    Feb 2007


    Could it be possible that the ip mentioned at the error message is still contained at the configuration files? Just grep for it.


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    sedeke Guest


    Could be. where can I find the configuration files. Which directory?

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    sedeke Guest


    Martin you was right.
    In /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/mail.properties is standing the hostname.
    And I forget to change the /etc/hosts
    After restarting the services it works

    Sorry. (Shame on me)


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