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    nixda Guest

    Default Where are the infostore files?

    Where in the filesystem are the infostore files stored? I cant't find them.

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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    /var/opt/open-xchange/filestore or somesuch, IIRC. You can look that up in the configdb in the table 'filestore'. Below that directory is a directory for the context and below that a three structure simply with identifiers (00/00/00, 00/00/01, 00/00/02... 00/01/01 ... ). The filenames you see in the infostore come exclusively from the database.

    Unless backing up (or clustering) your system, you usually wouldn't have to bother with the physical location of the file-data.

    Why do you ask? What are you trying to accomplish?

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    superstretch Guest


    Kind of dredging up an old topic, but I was thinking about mapping the infostores to a W2k3 file server


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