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    vcsaba Guest

    Default OpenXchange and JBoss portal

    Hello everybody,

    I want to create some portlets with functionalities of openXchange (one to display the calendar, an other to display mails, an other to show today's tasks ...) and to take all of them in the JBoss Portal system.

    In one word, portlets which offers the functionnalities of the Portal (but not one big portlet, many simple ones).

    It is possible to do a portal (like JBoss Portal) with the functionnalities of openXchange ?

    Have somebody any idea?


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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    I have a déjà vue. One additional question: Which OX Version are we talking about? OX:CE (Hyperion) or OX5 (Hymalia)

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    vcsaba Guest

    Default OX Hyperion

    Of course Hyperion.

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    Rondrian Guest


    Well I think portlet view for all the different parts of ox sounds interesting.

    What are your thoughts about a "new" or better a different view in portlets with jsf and interact withe http - api

    but at the moment i would wait for - at least the early public draft of portlet 2.0

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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    I completely agree with Rondrian. The HTTP-API is the way to add clients (as in different process interacting with a running OX). You can find the specification here:


    Sometimes sniffing traffic between the Web GUI and the server can be enlightening, or just looking at the Firebug output.


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