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    markus Guest

    Lightbulb required jars package

    all of the required jars contain licenses that permit redistribution. is there any reason why one can't download them in one single package?

    just wondered, because getting all the right jars was the biggest step in the installation procedure.

    personally i created a tarball containing all the jars and a script that fetches all necessary debs using aptitude, configurates them, fetches the sources using cvs, untars the jars, builds, runs and installs ox.

    along with a vmware debian etch snapshot this makes hacking ox a lot less complicated.

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    altariq Guest


    easiest step is to download the vm and copy the jars to the server. it is a horrible step in the howto

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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    We haven't really gotten around to checking the licenses on all the jars, let alone understand them all. Being no lawyer, and seeing that companies are dragged to court for their use of "tabs", I'm rather reluctant to try something bold.

    I empathize with your pain, of course. Maybe someone less cowardly than me might add the tarball to his webserver and add a link to the wiki though.


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