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    Default Welcome to the OX LDAP Sync Forum

    This forum is for discussions and questions around the OX LDAP Sync software.

    With OX LDAP Sync you can sync user and group objects from a LDAP compatible directory with Open-Xchange. When you modify or add an user to your LDAP directory OX LDAP Sync will also modify or add the user to Open-Xchange.


    1. An LDAP server (currently OpenLDAP and ADS are supported)
    2. You need one user distinguished name who at least can search and read user objects. If you decide to synchronize groups, the LDAP user needs to search and read these objects, too.
    3. If you want to synchronize groups you need to know if the membership to the group is defined by the userid or by the complete distinguished name of the user.
    4. User attributes you want to sync with Open-Xchange

    To download and install the software, please consult

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