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    Zobel01 Guest

    Post Syncing 2 OX 6.4 Servers

    Hello to all...

    My Problem is making a ox 6.4 server redundant without using drbd.
    First step ive made is an active-active (master-master) mysql replication on both ox servers, running very well...

    Next is to sync all changes made on one of the oxs to the other including:
    - every user creation, deleting, etc
    - the including imap operation, etc.

    Has anyone an idea for modification, to add new user on oxadmin web gui and start an remote action on the 2nd ox giving same for example username to create ox-user, imap login etc???

    After that imapsync would possible for replicate the imap mails, or is there another solution???

    Backgroung is, to have always an "stand-by" system absolutly mirrored and same data, excluding only ip and hostname without using drbd like described in the ox ha whitepaper...

    basic configuration on both hosts:
    - debian etch 4
    - ox 6.4
    - mysql 5
    - cyrus imap 2.2
    - postfix

    Thanks for answers... (sorry for my bad german-english..)
    Last edited by Zobel01; 10-26-2008 at 04:50 PM.


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